Tieing One On At The Tie Bar – Part 2 In The Hunt For Discount, Quality Men’s Accessories

Showroom at The Tie Bar with a colorful selection of ties.

If you’re looking for discount, quality men’s accessories, visit The Tie Bar. Their selection’s amazing and – at $15 per item – their prices are a steal. Photo of the Tie Bar’s showroom from their facebook page.

Continued from Tieing One ON At The Tie Bar – The Best Place For Discount, Quality Ties (Part 1).

If you appreciate excellence and quality, for unheard-of prices, you’ve got to check out the Tie Bar. If there’s a color you really need to match, The Tie Bar is virtually certain to have it. For example, no one equals the greys and charcoals from The Tie Bar. I never realized how much I needed such colors until I started exploring them on the site, and found that they are the perfect fit for the blacks, grays, and reds I often favor for suits, coats, slacks, and shirts. Finally, I have multiple tie options for every single color of slacks and shirts in my rotation. (My general practice, particularly in summer, is to match the tie and the pants for the outfit, and use the shirt for contrast so long as it works in the context of the other color.)

A selection of monochrome ties from The Tie Bar.

Who says “monochrome” has to be boring? A selection of single-color ties from The Tie Bar.

Monochrome, single color, and conservative ties at The Tie Bar.

You cannot go wrong with any of the monochrome, single-color or conservative patterns offered by the Tie Bar. Two of my favorites are the Roughed Up and Herringbone patterns (I own eight individual colors of herringbone and would buy more if I had the space). The monochrome herringbone ties are brilliant silk and the only thing I can think to criticize them for is that their weave is so fine that you really must be very careful in handling them – you can even pop a thread with a hangnail if you don’t watch what you’re doing. The Tie Bar also offers quality, affordable satin, silk, knit, jacquard and grenadine-textured, linen, and wool ties.

Monochrome ties with contrasting tie bars from The Tie Bar.

A few samples from from The Tie Bar’s paisley collection. Nobody will believe they only cost $15 each!

Ties from The Tie Bar’s Italian paisley collection are subtle works of art.

Finally, nearest and dearest to my heart, their paisley tie collection is diverse, rich and unequalled. I am particularly fond of their ornate Italian Paisley (I own all of them), Pin Paisley, Empire Paisley and monochrome paisleys in wine and charcoal. The striking effect I find with most of their selections is that if you construct an outfit that is otherwise relatively laid-back, even their boldest tie patterns wind up being subtler and calmer to the eye once they’re actually worn. The key is to match color palettes carefully and to balance the bold pattern with a restrained set of clothes surrounding it in the color space. You don’t want to wear an off-white summer outfit, which makes you stand out like a pimp in spats in Silicon Valley anyway, and wear a Hendrix Paisley hoping to balance off the summer whites. Yes, the name of the tie says it all. (I own three different ones; I found them irresistible.) I suppose my absolute favorites are the Sprouting Paisleys, which have such fine exquisite weaves that they look like money on my chest, and do the same hanging in my closet. It’s just pleasant to look at them, because they are subtle works of art.

Colorful plaid ties from The Tie Bar.

High-quality, discount — and colorful — plaid ties from The Tie Bar.

Bolder men can choose from medallion, floral, striped, and plaid patterns.

I have not even discussed the medallion, floral, striped or plaid tie patterns. All have brilliant ranges of colors and color combinations, conservative yet artful at once. No one does plaid like these guys. They also have an efficient wedding party service. Narrow ties! They are so good in this area. Some of the more ornate paisley weaves and other patterns can’t be had in skinny configuration, but there are many options nevertheless, especially in the monochrome, floral and medallion styles, some of which I own and appreciate. I have also added a significant number of wool ties, including a couple of wool herringbone ties that are almost exact matches for a couple of tweed jackets that I own. Their selection of single-color narrow silk knit ties and narrow wool-silk hybrid ties are probably unrivalled, and I own many of these as well.

Extra long ties for those of the taller persuasion.

For anyone of the taller persuasion, the majority of The Tie Bar’s selections can be obtained in extra long. This alone makes thetiebar.com an essential site on the Internet for taller men who like to present well. Good luck finding this kind of thing even at the best shopping centers. You simply can’t. Finding one or two attractive ties for tall men on a shopping trip is like hunting for the Elephant’s Graveyard.

Monochrome ties with contrasting tie bars from The Tie Bar.

Monochrome ties with contrasting tie bars from The Tie Bar. At $15 per item, each combination costs a surprisingly affordable $30.

I love The Tie Bar’s colored tie bars to death. And the amazing $15 price tag for their discount, quality merchandise makes it easy to afford lots They have really added some diversity to my growing tie bar collection (you DO use tie bars when you wear a tie, don’t you?) Their blue, red, copper and eggplant-purple bars are simply incredible and unique. I have pretty much every single one.

Bow ties, pocket squares, shoe laces, and socks too!

A small sample of the socks, shoe laces, suspenders, bow ties, and pocket squares you'll also find at The Tie Bar.

Look! The Tie Bar sells high-quality, discount socks, shoe laces, suspenders, bow ties, and pocket squares, too. And, at $15 each, who can resist?

The folks at the Tie Bar are constantly expanding their catalog. Now, you can shop for an amazing assortment of socks, suspenders, bow ties, pocket squares, and shoe laces, too.

These people dominate their market in terms of quality and value. Most similar e-commerce sites should run up the white flag of surrender, because they’re ripoffs and are uncompetitive. Constantly innovative, constantly growing their inventories, The Tie Bar gets my highest possible recommendation. If you appreciate excellence and quality, for unheard-of prices, you owe it to yourself to check this place out.

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