Groovy Man Stuff’s Guide to the Best Shaves, Part 1

Groovy Man Stuff's guide to the best men's shaving razors, part 1.

Men’s shaving is meant to be comfortable, precise and pleasant. Let us show you how, while we take today’s best men’s razors for a spin. Background image from a vintage Gillette ad for their innovative safety razors.

All Men’s Shaving products (razors) in this review were professionally tested using My Face. Don’t try this at home. (Actually, yes, you should.)

We are in a golden age of men’s shaving. We’ve never had access to so many good options for men’s razors on the street and online. Unless you live under a freeway overpass, using the cheap plastic two-blade disposable razors amounts to madness. Things really started to take off about ten years ago with Gillette’s innovative Mach 3 series. Their biggest problem was that you could have eight or nine good shaves in a row, but suddenly have one accident during an inattentive moment where you cut yourself to ribbons and had to wear a band-aid on your non-stop-bleeding puss for two days while the sucker healed.

What about my Mach 3 razor?

Those Mach 3 razors gave me the worst shaving cuts I’ve ever had, despite that it gave me satisfactory results most of the time, and cut way down on the razor burn from the old crappy disposables..That was only in comparison, though. Times have changed, Especially for men’s shaving products. Lawn mowing isn’t so hard anymore. Being creatures of habit, many men still stick with the tried-and-true Mach 3 razors (which are still widely sold – Gillette can’t quit it), but as blade counts continued to mount, I found the facial cuts issue impossible to ignore.

With five blade razors and a good moisturizing shaving cream, the shaving cuts, for my part, have gone away for good. If you don’t think this is a big deal, you’ve never had to show up for work with a bleeding face. Combining a good five-blade comfort razor with a fine boar’s hair shaving brush and even finer shaving cream, and you have a recipe for truly flawless and comfortable men’s shaving, and an experience you actually look forward to in the morning.

Sorry, guys, electric razors are a waste of time and money.

Side note: When it comes to men’s shaving products, electric razors – even the high-end $200 Braun units – are a waste of time and money. Here, we discuss only the real stuff. You know, stuff that actually works. In the two parts of this series, we look at three five-blade razors: Harry’s Winston Set (online only) the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, and the Schick Hydro 5.

Men's Shaving
Harry’s razor handles come in different colors and can be monogrammed for the custom men’s shaving experience.

Men’s shaving: Harry’s Winston and Truman razor sets.

We lead off with Harry’s Winston 5-Blade Razor (

The Harry’s Winston and Truman razor sets present very well, and are made and marketed by the same fellows who started the Warby Parker eyewear company. Harry’s prices are fantastic and their quality is competitive. The blade handles are pleasant, attractive and comfortable. Their five-blade razor has no moisturizing strip at all, but the blades are excellent (probably the best in this review) and last easily a couple of weeks. It pairs well with a high-end shaving cream and really should be used that way. Harry’s also sells a nice tube cream that adequately complements the razor, even if it doesn’t reach the heights of comfort of the finest shaving creams (actually, it’s not even close). The best recommendation? Harry’s razor and cream made it into my gym bag – fairer than that I cannot say. At times, I will use my main razor for the major lawnmowing and the Harry’s for detail touch-up – just because I can. The quality is excellent for the price and you can be pleased you invested in such a cutting-edge product (heh heh).

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