Men’s Grooming is Booming

Screen shot from Harry's Razors ad. Men's grooming is booming.

Affordable specialty men’s grooming products are looking good in the C-Suite.  (Photo: Video screengrab via Harry’s.

Two of the biggest players in the online men’s grooming business recently found corporate partners.

Not too long ago, Harry’s (a men’s shaving startup that we’ve previously written about) struck a deal with Target stores. Their redesigned razors and blade handles provide a very reasonably-priced option to the neighboring Gillette and Schick razors in Target shopping aisles. Target sells the Harry’s Truman shaving sets and for $2 a cartridge,

In January, Harry’s even ran their first ad.

Dollar Shave Club got bought by Unilever some months ago, for a cool billion dollars. As a subscriber to Dollar Shave Club, I agree with Bloomberg’s assessment that they successfully developed a brand and established a strong following with reasonably priced, high-quality six-blade razors, and they did so in a pretty short period of time.

Their six-blade cartridges are great, last for a solid two weeks, and the girls in the household started stealing it to shave their legs, so I had to buy them their own handles. (OK, their blades won’t last that long if your significant other Bogarts it for leg shaving; one session of that probably accounts for a week by itself.)

Razors are a product that can provide a lot of value-add for vendors and their customers, such as easy hookups for branded shaving creams and ointments, and that market space was overpriced, plagued with unimaginative marketing, and ripe for a disruption. Toothbrushes? Not so much. Do I need to pay $40 a year for a high-tech toothbrush plus $50 for the starter kit? Quip thinks so. Sorry, I don’t. Wow. What a business model.

Featured image: Video screengrab from Harry’s ad.

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