Farewell to the iPod Nano, a workout engine beyond compare

Well, I got *super* lucky last week. My iPod Nano seventh-gen suddenly failed, wouldn’t charge, wouldn’t turn on. (I’d had it for three years!) I went to an Apple store to see if there was anything to be done, and they actually offered to replace it for $59 plus tax! Of course I took the deal. What am I, stupid? So now I have one of the last brand-new Nanos. Best thing ever for working out.

And now Apple is killing the iPod Nano. They spent a lot of years working out the design bugs. I was never a fan of the larger iPods once the newness wore off, and constantly struggled with the wired headsets. When Apple finally released an iPod Nano with Bluetooth, Also, this article is wrong that the iPod Nano doesn’t have Bluetooth. Of course it does. It was the first and last Nano to offer it. It works great with the PowerBeats 3 Wireless, which other than its reliability issues is probably the best-fitting Bluetooth headset ever made. For me, wanting to play tennis and basketball with music blasting in my ears, this is the setup made in heaven.

I loved the previous Nanos, the square postage-stamp-sized ones that still had a display and even a clip. The best ever, except for not supporting Bluetooth. I’ll really miss these things. Sweated off a lot of calories with ’em. At least I have a new one.

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