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Groovy Man Stuff's guide to the best shoe shining tips ever on the Internet!

Gorilla Gloves – the Best Tool for Shoe Shining

For shoe polishing, it’s time to move into the 21st century. Forget the stupid spare T-shirt that you keep in a drawer, getting messier and messier over time with every polish…

Screen shot from Harry's Razors ad. Men's grooming is booming.

Men’s Grooming is Booming

Two of the biggest players in the online men’s grooming business recently found corporate partners. Not too long ago, Harry’s (a men’s shaving startup that we’ve previously written about) struck…

What's going on with Gibson Guitars? The CEO's expensive Harvard Business School education is not helping.

Gibson Guitars Circles the Drain

The name Gibson evokes something special for an awful lot of people across the entire world. Eric Clapton with Cream. Peter Green with Fleetwood Mac. Jimmy Page with Led Zeppelin….

Exploring shaving creams with Groovy Man Stuff

Shaving Creams to Make Shaving a Pleasure

Santa Maria Novella Crema Da Barba ($70) Art Of Shaving ($25) Crabtree and Evelyn ($18 – $25) As we’ve noted before, men enjoy a golden age of shaving. We have…

Exploring vintage clothing stores with Groovy Man Stuff

Vintage Clothing in Silicon Valley

OK, I know what you’re thinking: spare me the recommendations to comb through the local Goodwill every couple weekends! No. This isn’t about that. I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. If…

Groovy Man Stuff's guide to the best men's shaving razors, part 2.

Groovy Man Stuff’s Guide to the Best Shaves, Part 2

We are in a golden age of men’s shaving, especially when it comes to razors. In part 2, the Schick Hydro 5 and Gillette Fusion Pro go head to head.

Groovy Man Stuff's guide to the best men's shaving razors, part 1.

Groovy Man Stuff’s Guide to the Best Shaves, Part 1

Men’s shaving is meant to be comfortable, precise and pleasant. Let us show you how, while we take today’s best men’s razors for a spin.

Tailored ties

Men’s Tips: Tailoring Ties

Not comfortable with that gorgeous tie sitting in your closet? Think it’s too loud? Tailoring ties is an option.

Wild Segways -- a sorry example of men's style in Silicon Valley.

Touch of Grey

Want to look crisp and cool, but not too starchy? Swap gray for white, for a cool and composed look. Or try a gray shirt with a bolder-than-usual tie.

Old-school tailor doing a fitting on Sean Connery (as James Bond), an inspiration for Groovy Man Stuff's blog on men's style in Silicon Valley.

Tailor-Made – How A Good Tailor Can Make You Look Like A Million (VIDEO)

There’s something different about a man who has a tailored wardrobe. A good tailor’s alterations can make your GoodWill bargain look like a million bucks.