Monthly Archives: September 2013

Old-school tailor doing a fitting on Sean Connery (as James Bond), an inspiration for Groovy Man Stuff's blog on men's style in Silicon Valley.

Tailor-Made – How A Good Tailor Can Make You Look Like A Million (VIDEO)

There’s something different about a man who has a tailored wardrobe. A good tailor’s alterations can make your GoodWill bargain look like a million bucks.

Before and after: Trim Fit shirts from Macy's. From Groovy Man Stuff, a blog on men's style in Silicon Valley.

Alfani Spectrum Trim-Fit Shirts Deliver Easy, Versatile Style (VIDEO)

For easy, affordable style that goes everywhere, Alfani Spectrum trim-fit shirt line strikes a canny balance between stodgy business and city hip.

Showroom at The Tie Bar with a colorful selection of ties.